For over five decades, Andrew Stevovich has mastered a distinct style in painting with oils on linen, drawing influence from the early Italian Renaissance—artists such as Giotto, Fra Angelico, and Piero della Francesca—as well as from Expressionism and the pioneering colorists, Paul Gauguin and Georges Seurat. His oeuvre is a fusion of Renaissance humanism with the vivid hues and psychological depth of Expressionism and Post-Impressionism. The work captures moments of daily life — untold stories both familiar and mysterious, encouraging the viewer to make their own unique interpretations.

We warmly welcome and thank you for your interest! This website represents a collaborative endeavor by Andrew and family to catalogue the entirety of his artistic contributions across all mediums, establishing a comprehensive historical record. Here, you will find the complete collection of over 600 + oil paintings Andrew has produced to date (with regular updates), alongside efforts to compile thousands of supporting sketches, drawings, and progress shots that illuminate his creative process. Additionally, the site showcases prints, pastels, and watercolors. We invite you to explore Andrew's expansive body of work, starting with the About section for insights into his approach, or diving directly into the Artwork page to experience his art firsthand.

This platform is a continuous project aimed at assembling high-quality photographs and precise information. However, some pieces have incomplete records, photography, or are unreachable. Should you have information that could fill in missing areas please contact us and thank you for the help.